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Friday, 7th March 2014

I'm so pleased to tell you all that I'll be performing a special set in The Fortress at Beat-Herder Festival on July 18th 2014. It won't be hard dance, but it will be packed full of the energy you should expect from an Anne Savage show. Most people know that my background is much more than Hard Dance (which I still play) but I also play Breaks, DnB, Electro, Deep House and Techno - so here's a chance for you to sample me playing some exciting shizzle on the soil where I grew up.

I had my first taste of professional djing in the Ribble Valley area at Angels in Burnley alongside legends Carl Cox, Joey Beltram & our leader Paul Taylor in 1994. At the club I worked the lights, did the flyer run and sometimes the cloakroom.

if you don't know about Beat-Herder, here's some quotes from people that do...

'Beat-Herder, is as stunning as they come. It operates outside the corporate world of cock according to its programme, so instead of brash advertisements littering the scenery there'd art installations, quirky speakeasy bars, and bespoke stalls wherever the eye wanders (Clash Magazine)".

"Beat-Herder is more than just a sum of the artists performing. It is near impossible to avoid being dragged in by the charm of the event and it is easy to see why it has such a cult status (Louderthanwar)".

DJ Anne Savage

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